ACT Prep in Staten Island


Professionally administered ACT exam instruction from licensed, career educators. Course includes in-person instruction, proctored diagnostic assessments, and homework and practice assignments.

The Resource Room highly recommends students sit for the ACT as well as the SAT.

  • Advantages of taking the ACT (American College Testing) Math is more closely aligned to their in school curriculum.
  • The ACT has a science component whereas the SAT does not.

ACT Prep is available on a Private One-to-One basis both virtually and in-person at 534 Forest Avenue.

Appointments can be scheduled at times that work best for you. 

Private Instruction is our preferred approach for ACT Prep. 

The timing allotted for each section on the ACT is considered by many students to be less forgiving than the SAT. To find out if the ACT is a good fit for your student schedule a consultation or a full length diagnostic with us to help evaluate whether the test is a better fit than the SAT or if it should be taken in conjunction with the SAT.

Use the contact form below to either:

  • Request a call back for more information on our services.
  • Make a payment or deposit for a specific service.

What Distinguishes the Resource Room’s Approach from others?

  • We pride ourselves on offering personalized and individualized service to meet your child’s specific learning style.
  • Our instructors are all licensed teachers with years of teaching experience.
  • We work to improve the student’s overall test taking ability to increase performance across the academic spectrum.
  • Because the Resource Room is staffed with a large contingent of licensed practicing teachers, our knowledge of H.S. based content is unmatched by any other center on Staten Island.
  • We continuously update parents and students on their progress throughout the course and do not simply follow a set curriculum that moves forward without establishing a complete understanding of the material.

More Information about the ACT:

We recommend students and parents interested in the ACT view the following site by clicking on the link below:

This site provides valuable information on the exam.

Additionally, we are here to answer all your questions without obligation.

We provide students with the highest quality diagnostic (sample test) prior to any registration commitment. Whether you decide to work with us for ACT prep or not we will guide you and your child in the best possible direction to help you make an informed decision.

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