Homework Help

Additional academic support benefits all types of students. Through our private tutoring sessions, school assignments can always be addressed by any of our teachers and tutors on staff.

Homework Help at Resource Room

Working alongside a student may be a difficult task for many parents. The stress of teaching your own child combined with new additions to the curriculum, or revamped approaches to problems can lead to a high level of frustration for parents and students. We are experts in educational curriculum at all levels from Pre-K through High school. Let us take that stress away and work alongside your student with a professional and individualized approach.

  • Students increase their comprehension of the content through a focused one-to-one session.
  • Students build and develop excellent study habits through private instruction. This way when their classroom teacher tells your child to go home and study…they know exactly what that means and how they should be doing it.

What are the Benefits of Homework Help?

Simple! Most students do not know how to study correctly. Classroom teachers are there to teach content NOT study habits. Study habits should be developed from a very young age and often students who breeze through easier content in the early years of education are shocked when they see something they can’t easily absorb as the material increases in complexity.

Once the homework becomes too time-consuming for parents to assist with, we can step in. One hour instructional periods allow students to both complete homework assignments and build fundamental study skills necessary for success in the classroom.

Factors to Consider

Many parents wonder if tutoring is necessary for students who are on or above grade level.

Students who complete all homework assignments, in all subject areas, and do so with a higher degree of efficiency, increase their overall average in each class by 10% or more. When students complete all homework assignments, they move the content into their long-term memory, which results in higher exam grades. Homework help provides structure, rigor, and increases comprehension. We make sure they are completing all their assignments, and make sure they understand the content completely.


No problem for the teachers at the Resource Room. Since we are staffed with licensed teachers…we have no problem providing your child with assignments that reinforce the content taught in class and in our sessions.

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