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Private Tutoring for All Subjects in SI

Resource Room offers private, individualized tutoring for all subject areas from K - 12. We can work alongside emerging learners all the way through the most challenging high school courses.

Regents Tutoring

With colleges looking for higher standards, it is vital for students to achieve mastery on all their regents. Intensive tutoring can be one-on-one or can be held in a small class setting (maximum of 15 students). Regents Prep should always be personalized and tailored to what your child is NOT understanding, rather than reviewing topics they excel in.

SAT Test Prep in Staten Island

Professionally administered SAT instruction from licensed, career educators. Course includes in-person instruction, proctored diagnostic assessments, and homework and practice assignments.

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Fall 2023 SHSAT Prep

SHSAT prep can be challenging and every student has unique learning needs. The Resource Room focuses on individual needs and never moves on to a new topic without building a full understanding of the previous topic. Our classes are rigorous, taught by licensed Math and English teachers, and provide comprehensive classwork and homework materials from a variety of sources.


The TACHS exam is used as an admission test into Catholic High Schools. The exam covers material up to and including some 8th grade curriculum. Students must familiarize themselves with the content, the pacing, and the administration of the exam. Our classes are designed so that we reteach content, work on time management, and drill students so the format of the questions becomes less intimidating. There are only 15 seats available!  

Zoom Tutoring

As a result of the disruptions caused by the pandemic – we continue to offer live virtual online tutoring. The Resource Room staff has easily adapted to the virtual format, offering the same quality of service our clients are accustomed to.

Summer Bridge Programs in SI

Summer vacation, while much needed, does have its drawbacks. Students do lose some fundamental Reading and Math skills over the summer: this is known as “Summer Brain Drain.”

Homework Help

Additional academic support benefits all types of students. Through our private tutoring sessions, school assignments can always be addressed by any of our teachers and tutors on staff.

Students With IEP’s

Resource Room Learning Center has licensed special education teachers on staff.

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